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  • Content oriented iOS Apps

    We create apps from articles rather than from pdfs. This means that we can leverage rich content into our apps such as video and ad creative. 

    We can do this because the app is generated from HTML-compatible fragments with style information, rather than from images or pdfs.

    This process also lets us deliver appropriate content for each device and re-package that content to optimise revenue opportunities.

    As each mobile app has access to all of your website content as well as app-specific features, there are endless opportunities for us to create a unique, value-packed application. All app content is stored on the device, allowing users to pull data or fast-moving blog posts to read when they do not have access to the web. 

    Create a Kindle edition of your publication

    Kindle editions are a great way for print publishers to reach new audiences, particularly those hard-to-reach international readers.

    We can produce a scheduled Kindle-compatible export of your content with minimal impact on your internal content production resource. Better still, if you are using our application to publish your content to the web, then we can do all of the work for you.

    Each article that makes up your Kindle content will be flagged with an issue-specific attribute. Articles with the relevant flag are selected via a Kindle template. If there is stuff in your article that you want to use on the web but won't work on a Kindle, then we just leave it out of the Kindle-specific template. 

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