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  • Flexible events bookings

    The Wide Area Events Manager is a content management module that lets you create events micro-sites in a simple way. It can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or as a feature within a website.

    As well as giving you the ability to create events micro-sites in a simple way, this system also lets to price and sell each event with the flexibility that you need to sell out.

    There really is no limit to the way that this system to be customised for you, but here are a few examples of the options; member-only pricing, early bird discounts, seats, places, tables, multi-day programmes, multi-event programmes, credit card on-line bookings, invoice me reservations...

    Service directories are a popular way to generate advertising revenue

    The directory is a familiar format used by publishers to generate revenue. This type of content is easy to create, but to generate significant revenue  your content needs to be structured in a way that fits the service that you are selling, and be presented in a dynamic way. 

    Our customisable article structure together with our ability to build multi-faceted relationships between articles means that we can build you a powerful directory that stands out from your competitors.

    Create your own on-line shop

    E-commerce is a great way to monetise content. If you have a strong brand that will sell product then why not create an on-line store?

    Unlike off-the shelf e-commerce platforms, our flexible content structure lets you integrate merchandise on the front of your website alongside your core content. 

    Once orders have been received they can be processed in-house via the content management interface or by external suppliers using controlled access to the system. Alternatively we can post orders to a bespoke application or or fulfilment service provider.

    Our flexible structure allows us to meet any business need.

    Custom jobs listings

    Whether you are a recruitment specialist or simply promote jobs for your specialist industry sector, you'll want to optimise response by making each advert easy to read and easy to apply for.

    We can create a custom job listing article that includes as few or as many fields and filter options as you need to differentiate your job ads. 

    Job listings can then be added by you via the content management application, or posted and paid for on-line by recruiters. 

    Your listings can be nested within your core site content, or if you are a recruiter, then you can add depth to your site by adding recruitment-related news and features.. 

    Integrate with your payment gateway of choice

    Our current e-commerce projects include integration with the following providers; SagePay, EPDQ, and PayPage, but we can work with your provider of choice.

    Each payment event will be processed seamlessly and each transaction activity and payment reference will be stored in a CMS article so that we can create activity reports and match sales to users.

    Our application includes a simple-to-use CRM interface so that you can manage customer queries and reconcile payments.

    Build your own subscriptions forms

    Subsforce is our unique subscription page builder that lets you create the offer that you want, and publish it, instantly.

    You can control every element of each subscription form, including pricing, payment options, currency and term. You can even create low-start, continuous payment options .

    You can publish your page the moment you have created it. Each page has a unique URL that you can add to a website button or embed in an email.

    Payments can be processed via an online payment gateway, or batched for processing later.

    Once orders have been taken, either you or your bureau can download them securely via the content management application or we can create an integrated feed directly into your designated fulfilment system.

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