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  • Get a custom look with a modular price tag

    We create websites using our unique templating system. This system allows us create soft front end web pages that are not linked to the application content structure in any way.

    Each web page presents content from the CMS via a series of simple place-holders that our front end developers add to their html, along with a set of instructions to fetch the bits of content that they want. This process means that they don't need programmers to add bespoke, hard-coded scripts. 

    When building a website in this way, we break down each page into a series of blocks. The more complex your design, the more blocks we use to deliver the required effect.

    This means that each project delivery is only really affected by one dimension, which is the number of html pages and content blocks that we need to produce the design. So a project can get bigger without getting more complex.

    This is important when you need us to deliver your site on time and on budget. It also means that the end result is easy to maintain and expand.

    Creating a mobile version of your site is easy

    Our unique templating system means that we can present the same content in many different forms. This flexibility allows us to target each device with suitable content that is optimised for the features (or lack of features) of each phone or tablet. 

    Unlike the 'one size fits all' page-turning mobile solutions, of which there are many, our approach is to pick out the elements of content that your customers are most likely to want to access on the move, and present it in a way that adds value to your whole on-line package.

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