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  • Enhance your content with rich semantic tags

    We can deliver enriched semantic tags that add value to your content by creating new relationships within your content archive. Tags are typically based on people, places, organisations, facts and events.

    By integrating with Open Calais, a Thomson Reuters-owned web service, we can deliver rich semantic metadata (tags) for your content in seconds. Using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and other methods, Calais analyzes your document and finds the entities within it.

    Once we have the Open Calais results stored in the content management application, we can use the tags to incorporate into site features, search results and feeds - whatever is most appropriate to your content and your audience.

    View analytics for every article

    You can view the performance of each article that you publish via a simple analytics report. We use the Google Analytics API to create a simple article dash-board that tells you how many page views and unique visitors your article has registered and also presents the top 15 previous page links and the top 15 referral sources.

    We can also create custom reports to meet any content-specific requirements you may have.

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