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  • Create your own surveys, polls and voting forms

    No need for Survey Monkey when your website is managed via the Wide Area CMS!

    Our powerful questionnaire articles include the full range of question types from simple text questions to multi-choice, matrix and conditional styles. What's more you can add images and downloadable assets to each form and control the confirmation and email messaging.

    The great thing about creating your survey in the CMS is that you keep your customers on your web site. We know that a new URL or a change in the look and feel of the page can both suppress response. The Wide Area CMS offers a seamless solution.

    Response data is also available and accessible at all times via a simple data download option within the management interface.

    Hidden landing pages are a great sales tool

    Bespoke sales pages are a great way to drive targeted groups of customers to your website.

    Whether they reach the site via a targeted email, a third-party promotion or a printed promotion, you can create a personalised, targeted page to drive traffic, capture data or increase e-commerce sales. 

    Used in conjunction with our short URL tool and in-page analytics, you have all the tools you need to create, market and measure a whole range of promotional campaigns.

    Create professional newsletters quickly and simply with our Newsletter Wizard

    Newsletters are an intrinsic part of any on-line marketing programme, driving traffic to your site with teasers and tasters and special offers.

    The 'Wizard' in our Newsletter Wizard tool lets you populate your newsletter template with content from your website in one click.

    As you select each newsletter article from a list of headlines, the CMS adds the image and generates the link back to the website article. All you need to do is refine the words and add any original messaging.  

    You can preview the newsletter via the CMS and either send it using our integrated bulkmail service or paste the html and text into your own email system.

    Sending bulk email messages via the CMS means that your list is always up to date

    Having created your email campaign using the Wide Area Newsletter Wizard, you can now send it out using our integrated bulk mailing facility. 

    Assuming that your list is managed by your site then you can email that list via a set of CMS menus. Because all additions, un-subscribes and  preference changes are all managed within the CMS, the list is always current and clean.

    If you don't collect data on your site or just want to mail an ad-hoc list, then you can upload a custom list into the CMS.

    Reports are also accessed via the management interface.

    Build your own subscriptions forms

    Subsforce is our unique subscription page builder that lets you create the offer that you want, and publish it, instantly.

    You can control every element of each subscription form, including pricing, payment options, currency and term. You can even create low-start, continuous payment options .

    You can publish your page the moment you have created it. Each page has a unique URL that you can add to a website button or embed in an email.

    Payments can be processed via an online payment gateway, or batched for processing later.

    Once orders have been taken, either you or your bureau can download them securely via the content management application or we can create an integrated feed directly into your designated fulfilment system.

    Market your events with a custom micro-site

    Our events module lets you create custom micro-sites to handle all of your marketing and booking needs.

    During the project planning process we will work with you to identify the different event types that you run, capture the unique requirements for each and produce a design that incorporates all of the marketing and booking features that you need.

    At the end of this process we will deliver a custom interface that lets marketers create and edit events pages and micro-sites quickly and easily. 

    Also included in this module is a simple set of reports to provide booking and delegate data.

    Customise your website registration

    Registration is a great way to monetise content, but you have to get the proposition right if you want to avoid growing your bounce rate rather than you visitor numbers!

    Our registration system is built around our flexible questionnaire articles, which means that you can completely customise the whole sign-up process.

    You can collect a simple email address, or you can ask some demographic or industry-related questions. Once you have decided what data to collect, then you can then decide how to integrate the sign-up process into the customer journey.

    We recognise that one strategy does not fit all, which is why we can implement anything from pay-to-access to a simple newsletter sign-up. You may only allow registered users to comment on articles or vote in polls, or you may want to limit the length of each visit before registration becomes compulsory.

    Also available is the option to integrate with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or use the Google API to sign up and log in to your site.

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