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  • Our content management application

    Our content management application forms the framework for many of our development projects.

    Although it is not the only content management system that we work with, our application is pre-loaded with ten years of know-how about delivering scalable, flexible front-end sites quickly and easily.

    Each feature development is released to all of our customers, so you'll never get left with an out-of-date version.

    Our ability to create custom article types is the feature that sets our application apart from our competitors, and you can see how, by browsing through some of our recent projects.

    Custom articles designed to fit your content

    Our ability to create custom articles means that we can tailor the article management interface to match your content. 

    Custom articles are typically used to hold structured content such as product specifications, directory listings and  job ads,  or technical or financial data. 

    There is no limit to the number of custom articles that we can create for each project and the tailored format makes them easy to add and update. 

    Fields can be mandatory or optional, plus we can add extra options to control where or how each listing appears on your web site, such as a premium position or topic category.

    Read more about custom articles or see some working examples

    Store your images to use again and again

    Our image galleries let you share images between articles.

    You can create multiple galleries and locate them anywhere within the management system, giving you the freedom to file your images by subject, genre or any other criteria that works for your content.

    To use an image from a gallery you simply select the gallery that you want to access, then drag the image into your article - it couldn't be simpler!

    Once your gallery image is associated with an article, you can then add a unique set of captions for that article.

    Crop, rotate and re-size images

    Image editing can be managed entirely within the Wide Area application.

    As well as storing each source image that is uploaded to the system, the application creates a series of derived images that reflect the different image sizes used within your site design. 

    Each derived image can be edited independently of the others, and be allocated a different caption. 

    When editing an image that is stored within an image gallery, every article that is displaying that image will get updated automatically.

    Speed up editing by adding article styles

    You can choose the editing environment that you work in when you use the Wide Area content management application.

    You can work from the basic management interface or you can select the style sheet that is used to display your article on you website.

    When you select a style sheet, your page width and text styles will be the same as the finished product, which means that you can preview the finished article as you write it.

    Preview all content

    With Wide Area you always get three websites for the price of one!

    Every web project consists of a development site, a staging site and a live site.

    The development site lets us do our stuff without interrupting your work-flow, the staging site lets us deliver new features and simple site changes to you, and lets you preview new content before publishing, and the live site is reserved for published content.

    Each article management page includes a quick 'preview' link to the staging site for easy access.

    Upload files from In-Design

    Publishers who create content for print before uploading to the web can take advantage of our In-Design file upload tool.

    This feature uses your In-Design style sheets to map the headline, byline, standfirst and intro text into position within our application article structure. It also adds any images associated with each article.

    This means that you can upload a whole issue of your publication in a couple of hours. If you don't want your articles to go live before your printed issue hits the streets then you can simply set ta future publication date.

    We store every copy of every article

    Nothing gets thrown away by the Wide Area application!

    We store a copy of every version of every article, so a quick edit will not be sufficient for any rogue reports to cover their tracks. Should you be unfortunate enough to receive a legal challenge against any of your content, you can be confident that we can provide you with a copy of every version of any published material.

    You can view the editorial history log for each article to get a summary of who did what and when, giving you full transparency of your content management processes.

    Manage access to content

    You can limit access to blocks of content within the Wide Area application by allocating groups of articles to their own area within the content structure.

    Having structured your content into different areas, you can then grant suitable access rights to each user.

    Once you have decided who can see what content, you can then assign a management role to each user to determine whether they have permission to publish content to your live site or just prepare it for their manager to approve and make live.

    As well as managing your own team, you can use this feature to let external suppliers and contributors add articles, e-commerce products or download orders whilst keeping full control of all published content.

    Publish in any language

    Like most modern applications, we support the universal character set known as UTF-8 which is the universal character encoding format for the web.

    This means that you can create content in any language, and we can present that content on your website.


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