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  • Re-publish to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

    Each article includes a 're-publish' option that lets you post each article headline and intro text to a choice of social networks.

    You can edit each submission before you send it, plus you can send to multiple accounts.

    Your log-in details are held against your user profile, so you can manage company and personal accounts.

    Create canonical URLs

    Our content management application lets us amend each section URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) with an alternative location path.

    This means that you can add your own canonical locations where articles appear in multiple places on the website or is shared with a different site, plus it gives us the flexibility to use a different content structure in the management system than the structure used for your website navigation.

    This is a simple yet powerful feature of the Wide Area application.

    Search engine-friendly results every time

    Schema tags that add meaning to search results are included in our templates as a matter of course. We include the data mark-ups as defined by Bing, Google and Yahoo and are recognised by search spiders and search engines. 

    We also include Open Graph tags so that social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can present links from your site in the right format.

    Description text is generated automatically by the content management application but you can also edit any aspect of your article meta structure to conform to your SEO strategy.


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