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Subsforce subscriptions marketing platform

To market magazine subscriptions online you need to be able to capture contract and payment data from your customer in an intuative way and deliver each complete order into your fulfilment solution.

The range of contract terms, payment options and delivery zones required by publishers make it hard to use any standard e-commerce solution, which is why we developed Subsforce.

Marketing features

With Subsforce marketers can:

  • Upload images
  • Edit text
  • Set the price, term and payment options for each offer
  • Choose the order in which each element on the page is collected
  • Choose a single of multi-page format
  • Collect additional information such as start issue or demographic data

Each subscription form is published with its own unique URL which can be printed or linked to via a website or email.

Fulfilment flexibility

The Subsforce order processing options are as flexible as the campaign creation.

  • Credit card payments can be processed online via your nominated payment gateway, or batched and downloaded along with the rest of the order details
  • Direct debit details are collected and stored securely.
  • Orders can be accessed via the management interface and downloaded in a flexible csv file format, or they can be batched in a specified file format and sent to your bureau for them to upload into their systems.

As with all Wide Area solutions, Subsforce can be integrated with websites and CRM or fulfilment solutions to deliver flexibility and usability for both website users and content managers.

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