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Subscriptions acquisition and renewals for The Telegraph

The Telegraph Weekly Edition is a publication with an international readership and has a very specific set of marketing and fulfilment requirements. We were able to meet these needs by topping and tailing our Subsforce application with some bespoke integration with their existing customer database.

Their key requirements are encapsulated in these five features:

The facility to create flexible marketing landing pages and order forms that cater for their multiple delivery zones, contract terms and payment options;

Allow subscribers to manage their subscription contracts on-line;

Include an on-line renewal option that would update the offer term and price as the customer moves through the renewal cycle;

The facility to process credit card payments online;

To deliver transaction information to their fulfilment database in an automated way.

Subsforce acquisition pages

Our solution was to use our Subsforce platform to generate the landing pages. Subsforce offers the flexibility to create new pages for each new offer. For every Subsforce page you can control the words and images, prices, payment and delivery options, as well as managing the order that each block of content appears on the page. For example, the pricing block can appear first, or you may opt to collect customer data at the outset.

By adding Telegraph-specific delivery zones and a payment type that linked to their ComIdea payment gateway, we were able to meet all of their subscription acquisition requirements without any bespoke development.

Myriad order fulfilment channel

Subsforce includes an order download function that, as a default, creates a csv file that can be downloaded via the management interface.

For The Telegraph we added a new fulfilment output file that matched the data structure used by their Myriad fulfilment system. We also added some automation by writing a script that sends a daily batch of orders to their sftp site, which is in then collected by a Myriad script so that transactions are added to their database.

Having processed credit card orders online, credit and debit card orders are sent to Myriad with a status of paid, however direct debit orders are sent as unpaid as the direct debit needs to be set up and funds collected. 

Personalised renewals

In order to personalise the renewal offer for each customer, we need to receive offer code files from Myriad as well as sending order files. In this instance, updates are sent as a scheduled daily process rather than being triggered by a data update.

Contained within the daily Myriad file is a record for each active or recently lapsed customer. Each record consists of contact and delivery data plus a renewal code that relates to the payment method, term, delivery zone and price that should be included in their personal renewal offer. These variables change as the customer progresses through the renewal cycle. 

These pages are also delivered using the Subsforce platform, we simply did our magic to pre-populate fields and hide options.

This project delivered flexible front end order forms together with the integration needed to process orders seamlessly.


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