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What Investment: a content-rich site for private investors is published by Vitesse Media plc in conjunction with the print publication of the same name.

The site contains a mix of original content and articles that originated from the printed magazine. Much of the magazine content is only accessible by paid subscribers.

Content structure

Content is organised by topic, sub-topic and by article type. Within the content management application the topics are structured into folders (or sections), and the article types are managed via article attributes.

Each article is also associated with a set of related topics which, in this instance, are managed via a set of multi-select attributes but are more commonly managed using semantic tags.

Subscriber content is also managed using an attribute, this works in conjunction with a file of active subscribers that is maintained by Vitesse and uploaded regularly into the content management application. This type of activity is typically managed via a simple csv file upload function, or can be automated in some way by integrating with the relevant CRM application.

Custom articles

Custom articles are used in two places on this site; the first is a simple two-field structure that lets editors manage a set of trending topics which link to a search results URL. This type of feature can be delivered programatically using auto-generated keywords, but in this instance the client wanted full editorial control over the links.

The second custom article used to deliver a format of advertising that consists of text managed via the content management application, together with an image and links that are managed via Vitesse Media's ad server.

The ad campaign field presents a drop-down list of active ad campaigns hosted on OpenX, which is an open source ad serving application. Once selected, the logo and and links are populated from the ad campaign, leaving only the words to be added by the ad administrator. 

These ads appear on the web site like this:

Subscription acquisition

Subscription acquisitions are managed using our Subsforce module. This application lets the Vitesse subs team create subs forms on the fly, adding text and images to each form, as well as controlling price, delivery and payment options.

View more projects to see other examples of our work. 

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