LinkedIn logo Find us on LinkedIn a resource for small business owners provides information, advice and news for small business owners. It is a content-rich site that includes a range of sponsorship and commercial content as well as unique editorial. 

Content structure

Content is organised by business life-cycle, sub-topic and by article type. Within the content management application the life-cycle categories and topics are structured into folders (or sections), and the article types are managed via article attributes.

Each article is also associated with a set of related topics which, in this instance, are managed via a set of multi-select attributes but are more commonly managed using semantic tags.

Author attributes are also used to present all content published by a particular author.

Custom articles

Custom articles are used in four places on this site; the first is a simple two-field structure that lets editors manage a set of trending topics which link to a search results URL. This type of feature can be delivered programatically using auto-generated keywords, but in this instance the client wanted full editorial control over the links.

The second custom article used to deliver a format of advertising that consists of text managed via the content management application, together with an image and links that are managed via Vitesse Media's ad server. These articles are used across other Vitesse Media web sites and can be displayed in different styles on different sites. The example below is from

See how this article is presented on What Investment 

On these articles are also displayed in other styles, including a simple sponsor logo and a more traditional ad listing. The example below shows how the Wonga  logo appears as the sponsor for the Financing a business section of the site, and the Lloyds TSB listing is a more traditional style of text ad.

The franchise directory is the third example of how we have used custom articles to present unique content in a simple way.

On the website the bespoke article structure means that the directory is as easy to build as any other article listing page, and the fields can by used to create a simple content filter by franchise category, industry, region and investment level.

Franchise articles are just as easy to create in the content management application... 

The final example of how we have used custom articles to deliver this site is our slideshow article, presented on the web site like this...

In the content management application the article is presented in a similar format, making it easy for editors to create and maintain the content, and simple for our front end developers to present on the site.

Read more about how we created and implemented slideshows for Small Business

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