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Creating an Image Gallery  


An Image Gallery is a feature within the Wide Area content management application that allows images to be shared by two or more articles on your website. This document describes how to create and use image galleries when managing content. It is divided into three sections: the first shows how to create an image gallery, the second shows how to edit an image within the gallery, and the third shows how to add images to an article from a gallery, 

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Creating an image gallery

The function of the image gallery is to let you share images across multiple articles. An image gallery is an article type that only stores and manages images, it has no other editing capabilities. It's only function is to act as an image repository, for use by other articles.

An Image Gallery can be set up to share images with any article in the whole of the content management application, which means you can share images across different websites. Alternatively, they can be set up to share images within an CMS Area (website, or part of a website), or within a more restrictive section or sub-section of the site.

In essence, the number of galleries that you have, and the location of articles that can use them is completely flexible. Your requirements will be catered for as a part of the set-up process.

Getting started

To create a gallery, select “manage” from the Articles box on the home of the CMS

You should then navigate your way to the relevant Image Galleries folder that has been created for you. 

Once you have navigated your way to the right location, then you are ready to create your image gallery article. You will notice a new article type next to the 'standard ' article” icon called 'image gallery'.
When you add an image gallery, the first screen will ask you to give it a name.

Once you have named your gallery, you must save the article. Once saved, you will see that you have five tabs appear above your gallery name which you can then use to start adding images to your gallery, as shown below.


When you click on the “Images” tab, you will be presented with a screen which will allow you to add an image to your gallery or make images live . You will also be able to see any images previously uploaded to the gallery from here.

When you click on the “Add new image from your own machine” button, you will be presented with a standard dialog window to find and upload images. This is where you can browse through the folders of your machine and select the image you wish to upload to your gallery.

Whilst the image is being uploaded to the server, you will be presented with a “Loading – Please wait” message.  Please be patient until the server has completed uploading the picture.


Once the image has been uploaded to the server you will see your uploaded image within your gallery. Your images are now ready to be added to any standard article and can be previewed within a staging environment. You will need to “make all images live” before they will appear on your live web site.

You can upload as many images into each gallery as you like and you can edit each image via the Options heading. 


From this menu you can replace, view or  the original image, or you can edit the derieved images. The derived images are the different sized images that are creaed by the content mangement system to use in different places on your website.

When you make a change to an image in a gallery then all articles using that image will be updated. If however, you upload a new image that is in a different format to the original, then your image will not update if you have manually dragged an image into the body of your article. In this instance you will need to replicate that process in order to update the article html with the new image reference which will have changed from a .jpg to a .png file, or something similar.

Adding images to articles

Once your gallery article has all the images you require in it, it is now ready for use within any CMS article. 

When you select the “Images” tab on any article edit page location you will see three options. The first is to upload an image from your computer as normal, the second is to add an image from an image gallery and the third is to make all images live. 

Selecting the “Add new image from gallery” option will bring up a pop up window which will allow you to add images to your artice from a gallery. You will be presented with the images that are contained within the most most recently created gallery, but if you want to use a different set of images then simpley select the gallery that you want from the drop-down list.

To add an image to your article simply drag the image from the Image Gallery box on the left to the Your Article box on the right of your screen. Once you click save, all gallery images selected will be added to the images tab of your article.

Images from galleries cannot be manipulated edited from your article location, but you can view or remove the image or edit the captions.

To edit the image you must navigate back to the image gallery and do it there.


Now that you have successfully created an image gallery you can upload images to the CMS and use them in any number of articles.

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