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Short URL Mapping 


This feature lets you create friendly URLs that are memorable and easy to input, and map each short URL to an article or section on your website.

Short URLs are commonly used in printed material to refer users to a sales response web page or simply to promote a piece of editorial.

Creating a short URL

Short URLs are easy to set up and simple to manage.

  • The Description field is for your reference to help you manage your library of URLs.
  • The friendly URL field consists of two parts; the first part is a drop-down list of domains that are managed by the site, and the second is the unique reference that will be mapped to the destination URL.
  • The Destination URL is the actual website location. To find this URL simply navigate to the relevant location on your website and copy/paste the URL into this field.
  • The expiry date determines how long the short URL will be active for. Once expired, your settings will be archived.
  • Record analytics will create an activity report which is generated from the Google Analytics API. 

Once created, your URL is listed in the CMS where you can edit, delete, view report and follow the link.

The report that is generated for each URL is delivered in the same format as the standard destination article report. These reports are generated using the Google Analytics API and are appended to each article.

Once you have created and tested your URL it is ready for circulation.

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Download the pdf for Short URL Mapping 

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