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Downloading Questionnaire Data


Questionnaire articles are most commonly used by the CMS to create traditional data-capture forms such as surveys and polls, but they are also used to produce custom article structures display content in a particular format. Custom articles are typically used to create directories and job listings.

The purpose of this document is to show you how to view, filter and download the data that is stored within these article types.

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Locating your results

To view and download your results you need to select Results from the Questionnaires block on your CMS home page.

Having selected Results, you will then be prompted to select the Area where your original questionnaire or custom article is located, and then to select the relevant article from a drop-down list.

Once selected, the data that has been captured by your article will be displayed in a table form. 

The article shown below is a supplier directory custom article. 


From this page you can search for a particular entry or group of entries, select which columns you want to see by checking/un-checking  the options within the show/hide menu, and re-order your chosen columns by dragging each header into a new position.

In the example below we have found all Getty entries, selected only the address and date fields and moved date from the first to the last column.

Data can also be exported and manipulated using applications such as Microsoft Excel. The management system offers three export options; Copy, CSV, Download XLS.

The copy option simply saves the data to your clipboard so that you can paste it into another application using CTRL+V.

Both the CSV and Download XLS options generate a file that you can save or open using a suitable application or notepad.

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Download the pdf for Downloading Questionnaire Data

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