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Custom Google Analytics reports

We use Google's  API to create custom reports and dash-boards.

Delivered either as dashboards within our content management application or as a set of restricted access web pages, these reports form the basis of your visitor or e-commerce management data

By capturing analytics for targeted actions on your site, we can deliver accurate data and deliver it back to you in a meaningful way.

Examples of our custom reports include subscription sales activity, job applications and industry data usage.

Custom reports can be delivered as dashboard within the content management application or as a set of private pages on your website, depending on who you want to deliver the data to.

As standard, our application  includes a custom activity report for each individual article so that you and your editors can monitor the popularity of each article in real time and with one click.

Search engine optimised websites

Our projects are always optimised for search.

We follow Google Webmaster guidelines when defining a site structure and include schema tags and site maps as standard. Page and image tags are all managed via our content management application.

Provided that your content is of high quality and is written in form that will match intuative search requests, then you can expect sustainable improvements in your organic rankings as you add more conent and build strong commercial links with relevant sites.

If you need faster results, then you can invest in seach engine marketing activities such as pay-per-click advertising.

What we don't do is offer any services that claim to manipulate organic search results. 

We advise our clients to follow Google Webmaster Guidelines:

  • make pages primarily for users, not search engines
  • avoid tricks intended to improve search rankings
  • don't participate in link schemes designed toincrease your site's ranking

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