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Website Hosting

Your website can either be hosted by us as a part of a managed service agreement, or it can be hosted within an infrastructure that is owned by you.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting is a popular option for clients with whose core business does not include any IT infrastructure or expertise. 

Clients who choose this option benefit from an infrastructure that is both scalable and resilient and completely managed by us. We work to 500% bandwidth excess even at peak times, and our uptime rarely falls below 99.9% per calendar month.

Client-owned hosting

If your preference is to host your websites within an infrastructure that you own, then we offers a range of services that include the sourcing and the set-up of a hosting infrastructure and the ongoing management and maintenance of the chosen solution.

This service comes in two forms; passive and active management. Passive management is where we monitor your site availability and performance, report any issues and provide updates for you to install.

Active management is where we manage the relationship with your hosting contract on your behalf, apply updates and deliver support services.

Content management application provision

The Wide Area content management application is available as a service or under license. 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In most instances our Wide Area content management application is delivered to clients as a service. All client access is web-based, and the application is maintained and supported by our development staff. 

All SaaS customers benefit from regular application updates and feature releases. 

Software under license

Where clients want to host and maintain the application within an existing IT infrastructure, then we will issue a license to use. Our standard licensing agreement is based on term and number of users.

Software updates are issued as a part of the license agreement. 

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