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Events micro-site production

Our events marketing module provides a simple interface for you to build a micro-site for each event that you run, and manage the pages as the event moves through its promotional life-cycle.

Each instance of our events module is tailored to the requirements of each customer. The set-up process consists of three steps:

We first identify each different types of event that you run (one day conference, two day conference, awards dinner...)

Next we define the functionality that needs to be associated with each event type (places, seats or tables, member discounts, early-bird discounts, single or multi-delegate booking, on-line payment...)

Then we work out how each event, or group of events, should be displayed [sponsor logos, conference programme, speaker pages, voting pages, short-lists, winners...]

Once we have captured this information and designed some templates, the events management interface is created so that you can add new micor-sites quickly and easily.

Once created, your web pages can be edited, added to and taken away so that your site change change with the publication and sales cycles.

The management interface gives access to delegate lists and booking information, along with easy access to the micro-site conent.

Search engine optimised websites

Our projects are always optimised for search.

We follow Google Webmaster guidelines when defining a site structure and include schema tags and site maps as standard. Page and image tags are all managed via our content management application.

Provided that your content is of high quality and is written in form that will match intuative search requests, then you can expect sustainable improvements in your organic rankings as you add more conent and build strong commercial links with relevant sites.

If you need faster results, then you can invest in seach engine marketing activities such as pay-per-click advertising.

What we don't do is offer any services that claim to manipulate organic search results. 

We advise our clients to follow Google Webmaster Guidelines:

  • make pages primarily for users, not search engines
  • avoid tricks intended to improve search rankings
  • don't participate in link schemes designed toincrease your site's ranking

Ad production

Our design team can produce banners and buttons to market your services.

We offer creative design, fast turn-around and high quality production in your required format; including simple graphics, animated gif or flash format files. 

We can also create: 

  • bespoke marketing landing pages,
  • bespoke email design
  • re-usable email templates,
  • surveys and data capture pages

Website design

We offer a wide range of design options provided by our in-house creative team and our network of creative agencies and freelance designers. This means that we can always fit your style and your budget.

Whatever creative option you choose, we will manage the creative process from concept to sign-off. Our project management process will ensure that every design meets the functionality and usability standards that we need to deliver the project. 

Our project delivery process always starts with design, and the full creative is signed off by you before the site is built. Our team of highly skilled front-end developers then faithfully translate your flat design into CSS/thml and deploy our templating system to link in the content.

This approach means that your design is never compromised by functionality.

Email marketing

We offer a range of services that let you manage your email communications successfully.  

Email marketing consists of four key activities;

  • data collection,
  • email communication production,
  • bulk email delivery
  • and list management.

Any or all of these activities can be managed and delivered by our content management application, managed by our CMS and delivered by an external provider via their application programming interface (API), or managed and delivered outside of the Wide Area environment.

Take a look at our marketing tools to see what features are on offer from our application, or call to discuss options for integrating with your existing provider.

Our objective is to create a solution that is right for your business. 

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