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Subscriptions e-commerce application

Subscriptions are a are key requirement when generating revenue from content, whether that content is electronic and behind a paywall or is print publication.

Our Subsforce application is a stand-alone content management module that lets you create customised subscription landing pages in just a few minutes.

Each element of the page is under your control, so you can manage the creatine elements and the contract options via a drag-and-drop interface. 

Payment can be processed online via a cred/debit card payment gateway such as SagePay, EPDQ or PayPal, or we can simply collect payment information and deliver it to you or your bureau securely. 

Subsforce lets you control every element on the page...

  • Price
  • Term
  • Payment options
  • Delivery regions
  • Data protection options
  • Additional data capture such as gift options or demographic data
  • images
  • Single or multi-page layout

See examples of some Subsforce pages

Subscription fulfillment integration

We specialise in delivering e-commerce solutions for the print and digital subscriptions market.

We have delivered integration solutions for all of the leading subscription fulfillment bureaux and several bespoke applications used by UK publishers.

As with all of our integration projects, our approach is to separate the front-end user requirements from any data structures that we need to send orders to your bureau or application.  

The flexibility of our content management application and our unique templating system means that we can create great usability every time.

The fulfilment bureaux and applications that we have worked with include:

  • CDS Global
  • Dovetail
  • Gordon & Gotch Myriad
  • QSS

To find out more about our subscriptions management experience, read about our IPC Media project and our Telegraph project

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