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Website creation using the Wide Area templating system

Our unique  templating system gives us the ability to deliver a web project with a completely customised look-and-feel and deliver it to you within a budget and delivery schedule that you would expect from a modular system.

The Wide Area templating system was developed along side our own content management application so that we could clearly separate content from design when building websites.

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Custom article types

The custom article feature is a unique and powerful application tool that differentiates the Wide Area content management application from its competitors.

Our ability to create a customised article that can accommodate any content structure allows us to build complex front-end sites without adding technical complexity to the build process. This means that projects can be delivered in a cost-effective way and are easy to maintain. 

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What about apps and tablets?

Apps and tablets offer content owners new avenues by which their content can be delivered to consumers. The combination of our content management application offering ‘write once, publish many' functionality and flexible template systems allows creation of the right solution for each platform.

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